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Ketamine Group Therapy Sessions

Our 12 week group program combines the ketamine assisted therapy sessions with the Roots to Thrive community of practice groups sessions, smaller facilitated group work and individual preparation and integration work with our clinicians. This approach ensures that participants are well prepared (both physically and emotionally) to participate in the ketamine sessions, to make sense of and integrate important insights that arise during the process, and to be supported by a community of participants on a similar journey.

Cohort 9 Starts: April 19, 2023

Cohort 10 Starts: September 20, 2023

$5850 + GST(5%) CAD

Individual Ketamine Programs

Our individual Ketamine program is tailored to meet you where you are at. Your individual therapist will be present at all of your ketamine sessions.


Program includes: 

Medical Consultation

Psychiatry Consultation

Therapy Intake Session

3 Preparation Sessions

3 Ketamine Therapy Sessions 

3 Integration Sessions

Starting from $6850 + GST(5%)  CAD

Hybrid Individual and Group Ketamine Therapy

Coming in 2024 our hybrid ketamine therapy program will include medical and psychiatric consultation,  individual therapy (preparation and integration) with small group ketamine sessions.


Program will range from 4-8 weeks and include 2-6 Ketamine sessions. 

Starting from $3950 to $5850 + GST(5%) CAD

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